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Selling Mallorca

Something that makes us unique is that we actively advertise the benefits of this amazing Island to worldwide buyers and renters.

Our aim is to educate and encourage a wide audience to realize the benefits of having a property in Mallorca.

Mallorca’s property market in one place

Searching for a property in Mallorca can be quite daunting; there are many agents and the current property portals have a scattered selection of the market.

The goal for Bella Islas is to cover the vast majority of the property market in Mallorca to make life easier for estate agents and buyers, sellers, renters and landlords.

We do not advertise to private sellers

Bella Islas only deals with estate agents and developers. Private sellers and landlords cannot advertise on our website without an estate agent.

We promote Estate Agents

Get your agency seen by buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords. They can learn about your agency, your team and find where your office is located. They can also request a valuation on the website if they are interested in selling or renting. This is perfect for generating more leads and building your portfolio.

Estate agents will also be able to promote which properties they have recently sold and rented.

Pushing leads

Sellers and landlords are now able to easily search for estate agents using our “find agents” section. Here they will be given a selection of estate agents to get a valuation from and the agents will immediately receive a request along with the clients’ details. This feature was added to make the process of searching for an agent and arranging multiple valuations much simpler for both the client and estate agent.

Data for estate agents to use

In the agent’s section of Bella Islas, agents have a dashboard so they can see which property listings are performing well and how to improve underperformers.

Advice for buyers

To make life easier we have a buying advice page for international buyers who are looking to purchase a property in Mallorca.

This page is designed to help educate and simplify the buying process to encourage new buyers.

Premium and featured properties

Have you just been instructed on a particularly special listing and you want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves? This is where the premium and featured property listings come in. Click here to find out more.

Interested in how Bella Islas can support the growth of your business? We would love to talk to you about how we can support your business in promoting your properties and brand. If you are setting up a new business or have years of experience behind you, we are here and happy to help you.

If you would like to speak with one of our experts about how we can support your business and are interested in joining Bella Islas, contact us using the below links.

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