Mallorca Immobilien

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With its contrasting coastal regions and quaint villages in the interior of the island, Mallorca offers a huge selection of charming residential areas. There are numerous and varied properties available for sale or for long term rental.

Property types and location of the real estate

When choosing a property in Mallorca to rent or even buy, the type of property and the location play an important role. You have the choice between a renovated stone house in the centre of the village, a rustic Finca, a landed house in the country, an Wohnung in a self-contained complex or an exclusive villa with sea views. Criteria such as a private swimming pool, garden or garage have a significant influence on the price.

Every property in Mallorca has its own unique characteristics. You can choose between furnished and unfurnished properties, and you have the choice between properties with or without heating, terrace, balcony or sea view. The key decision for most however is location. In order to find a suitable property for long-term rental, you should ask yourself the following questions: Do I prefer the beach and having a sea view or am I looking for peace and seclusion in the mountains? Do I prefer to live close to the bright lights of the city or on a strip of secluded land in the interior? What are my minimum requirements for facilities and furniture do I have?

Mallorca Properties: Rentals through an agent

To make sure that renting a property in Mallorca is not a game of chance, you should rely on the know-how of experienced estate agents. The experts are very familiar with the property market on the Balearic Island and can usually find the property that you want within a very short time. Upon request, the estate agents can provide you with all the information on the current market situation and give an assessment of the development of rental rates in Mallorca. Estate agents in Mallorca will look after the planning, legal and professional side of the rental and are available after the conclusion of the lease as a contact for any uncertainties that may arise.

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